NOYB znaczenie

  • none of your business tłum. nie twój interes

Podobne akronimy i skróty do NOYB znaczenie

Akronim/skrót Wyjaśnienie skrótowca
fyi for your information
fbi federal bureau of investigation
fbi federal bureau of investigation
fomo fear of missing out
aamof as a matter of fact
aboc a bone of contention
awyr awaiting your reply
ayor at your own risk
bitb back in the business
boc but of course
dyoh do your own homework
eom end of message
foaf friend of a friend
fyeo for your eyes only
impov in my point of view
iyd in your dreams
lol laugh out loud
nhoh never heard of him/her
ootq out of the qestion
pov point of view
sool still out of luck
tyclo turn your caps lock off!
oom out of mana
tor terms of reference
ooto out of the office
mit massachusetts institute of technology
womm word of mouth marketing
aypi and your point is?
ifbb international federation of bodybuilding and fitness
fye for your entertainment
usa united states of america
opec organization of petroleum exporting countries
byob bring your own bottle
eta estimated time of arrival
eod end of discussion